Immortals, Time Travelers Or Reincarnation? 2013 HD

Proof of time travel, reincarnation or immortality, interesting pictures either way. :) Checkout Our NEW blog Here: ADG Facebook: …
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17 Responses to Immortals, Time Travelers Or Reincarnation? 2013 HD

  1. Samuel Andersson says:

    Immortals, Time Travelers, Reincarnation or People that look vaguely similar under the right circumstances? 2013 HD?

  2. Derpy Sneezes says:

    Bullshit. How?? Just…. This is stupid… So stupid I don’t know what to say… Whoever believes this. Well. You’re a idiot. Unless the SAME mom and dad gave birth to the people they show. Because your looks deepend on? you mom and dad(sometimes ancestors) even like a 10 year old knows this. I call hax. And bullshit.

  3. Kim Vinson says:

    thanx im sending you a message?

  4. koolmoe1971 says:

    90% of these names? are made up!

  5. koolmoe1971 says:

    Especially the? Eddie Murphy and Nicholas Cage

  6. nvk1001 says:

    the first? 2 scared the shit outa me, but then it went downhill from there unfortunately

  7. Ankh Ama says:

    They’re? vampires.

  8. TheTcTProductions says:

    That was cool.? I don’t think it’s anything supernatural. People just look alike sometimes. But it’s still cool. thanks for posting.

  9. uncle sam says:

    immortals, time travelers, reincarnation, or look alikes.? you decide

  10. Edmund J. Janas says:

    Unknown Brother, Lol!

  11. zorion1111 says:

    photoshop? disaster.

  12. Madleene Schwarzwolf says:

    There are 10 people in? the workd looking like us.We might meet them or not,live in the same time or not

  13. Remigiusz Segedowicz says:

    Hey? master. To who i’m similar?

  14. Tony Cohen says:

    good for a bit? of a chuckle

  15. NIKKZ0005 says:

    Jack? Black :-)

  16. Lu Corderosa says:

    Great explanation! I believe only evil possess the will to reincarnate. As the saying goes..”evil never dies.” Andrea Chikotillo, was a serial killer in Russia. His dna “changed”. It couldn’t be? explained.

  17. Lu Corderosa says:

    lol at Donald Sutherland!!!? hahahahahahahahahahaha!

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